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Hey DJanes & DJs!

You would like to be a member of our exclusive music promotion pool of thorough selected DJanes & DJs from worldwide? 350 jocks are already members!

Yes! Then read on :-)

We offer a DJ promotion of our label releases for FREE.

OK, we just wish some cooperation from our pool members. More info on the right side. ;-)

If you are interested, apply now.
Please give us following infos:

- Do you play at a club, a radio station or at powerul partys?
- Which genres do you play?
- Please add proofs!

your Promo-Team
> Our pool conditions:

- You must be an aktiv DJ/ane!
You must work @ clubs, radio stations or at powerful partys!
- You can use our music genres!

> House
> Deep House
> Electro House
> Progressive House
> Tech House
> Funky House
> Trance
> Chill Out

Your cooperation and required promo mails replies:

- Title - mixes rating / best mix?
- I will play / I will not play?
- Where do you play the mixes?
- Voluntary: further notes.

Please apply via:

or via our promo contact form.

Thanks in advance :-)
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